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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Deepak kumar | 04:57:00 |

Entertainment is an essential flavor of our life. Day by day, technology has brought entertainment closer to the users. Gone are the days now when you needed to find a reliable website to watch movie online. With the increase in popularity of apps like Netflix, many other alternatives have made their way to the smartphones. If you wish to explore latest apps for android and iOS, Appsjail is the place you should visit. Today, we are going to list down the best android apps which users can download to stream movies using them. 
Before the torrent ban, people used to download movies from torrent and transfer them to smartphone using PC. But, thee were a lengthy process which one needs to go through for that. But with the advancements in Internet and its speed, the movie streaming apps for android have gained huge popularity. This has been backed by the fact that one doesn't needs to worry about how much memory is being used. When we talk about streaming movies online, it doesn't matter if your smartphone has 1 GB space available or 16 GB. 

In this article, we are going to list down paid as well ass free apps which can be downloaded and used to stream movies online from smartphone. But, I would like to mention that this will be beneficial only for those users, who can access internet at a good speed. If your internet is slow then there won't be any fun in watching the movie buffer every now and then. So let us start with the list of best android apps to watch movies online.

1. Netflix

I don't think there's any need to introduce this app. Netflix is the leading network of websites and app where users can watch unlimited movies and TV shows after paying the subscription fee. I personally prefer using Netflix app. Tis because of the variety and collection of movies as well as TV shows it offers. Moreover, there's no point of unethical act being carried out as users pay for what they watch. So Netflix, for me, deserves the first place in this list.

2. Hotstar

After Netflix, Hotstart is the next upcoming app which has attempted to replicate the scenario for Indian audience. Most of the Bollywood movies, TV serials and web series are available on Hotstar. Though the app is free to use, in which limited videos and movies are accessible, a premium version of app is also available. Users can upgrade to the premium version after paying the subscription fee. For the beautiful competition that Hotstar is trying to give to Netflix, it has to be on the 2nd spot. 

3. Showbox

Showbox is free to use. Hence Showbox, by no doubt, is one of the most popular app, especially in US. This is because Showbox is literally a replica of Torrents, but with only movies and TV shows. Showbox app has a huge collection of movies and TV shows from all around the world. Moreover, all of these movies and TV shows can be streamed in HD quality without paying anything. This makes the app somewhat illegal, but well there are many activities going around in the world that are illegal.

4. Cinemabox

We can call Cinebox as a sibling of Showbox. Cinemabox, previously known as Playbox, is an app similar to Showbox. But, lately people have started preferring Cinemabox over Showbox. The sole reason is that Showbox is flooded with lot of users which often makes the servers go down. Cinemabox being less popular still has room for more users and people encounter errors less frequently than in Showbox. Other than that, Cinemabox is no less than Showbox as it contains a good collection of movies and TV shows. 

I always like to play safe and won't mind paying few bucks for my entertainment, which is why I prefer using Netflix. But if anyone is not comfortable enough to pay for these apps, then the last two Showbox&Cinemabox are the best choices. There are many other apps like Showbox available on the internet. Some of them include MovieBox& Popcorn Time. So in case you do not get impressed by Showbox&Cinemabox, use MoviesBox& Popcorn Time. 

If you guys have any queries or suggestions regarding the article, feel free to connect with us through comments or email. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Deepak kumar | 01:31:00 | |

Do you want to make money?

Well, everyone does want to make money.

Why? Because money make us able to buy many things and cover our basic to royal living.
When it comes to make money blogging, every newbie blogger runs for Google Adsense, but they ignore the fact that there are various networks which pays much more than Google pays. These networks are the affiliate networks.

For example, Google Adsense pays 0.30cents to $1 per click, but one affiliate sale can bring you $10-$1000.

So you see there is the huge difference between the earning from these two types of networks.

Now the thing is, if a blogger wants to make more money and want to make money through affiliation, then he needs to find out the best networks to make money through affiliation;
Today I am going to share how you can make money though affiliation or affiliate networks.

1) Choose affiliation program wisely:

If you are really serious about making more money than you should choose affiliate program according to the niche of your blog.
Your blog is covering particular type of topics and that means your blog is attracting readers who are interested in that type of content. So it is always recommended that you should promote affiliate programs according to your niche as this makes the reader find out which product is best and he/she will definitely buy it.

2) Go for most profitable affiliation program:

Promoting the most profitable affiliate program helps you to make more money than any other network. 
These days one of the most profitable field is gambling, almost every internet casino has an affiliate program (like the of That is why even Google AdSense is running casino and rummy ads as they are also making huge money from gambling.

3) Choose affiliate networks Wisely:

Choosing the right affiliate network is also as important as choosing the affiliate program. When choosing an affiliate network always look for those networks which are in affiliation industry from long time. You can join, etc.
If you are about to choose a network which is new or a year old like easkme affiliate program, then you should look for how trust able brand is that.

4) Promote affiliate program wisely:

When it comes to make money through affiliation, your earnings depend upon how well you are in running promotions. You can promote an affiliate program in many ways.

  • You can write reviews covering pros and cons
  • You can share about affiliate program on your social networks
  • You can also run giveaways to promote affiliate product.

Tip: You can also ask the readers what products or services they are interested in and join affiliation programs to promote those products.

These are the best and most effective ways how you can make money through affiliation. If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Deepak kumar | 05:21:00 |

The BLOG X conference 2017 is going to be held in New Delhi. Blog X event is said to be the largest event of blogging and content management community in India. In this biggest blogging event, the bloggers and content managers from all over the country come together and interact with each other also linking with the industry leaders of the blogging community. In this blogging event, the professional bloggers and content managers will share their experience and inform the audience about the successful blogging tricks. Sessions with top leaders are conducted, advanced discussions where we upgrade you with content, brand building and relationship. This conference being one of its type and the biggest of all integrate all the content managers’ bloggers at a single platform and lead to a flow of ideas.

Venue of the Event - The BLOG X Conference 2017 is going to be held in New Delhi on 11th Feb 2017. The Venue of the BlogX conference is Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel.


The event will start at 9:00 am on 11th February with the BlogX registrations and will end at 10:30 am sharp. Therefore you have to be on time if you do not want to miss a great event like BLOG X CONFERENCE 2017.
At 10:00 am in the Ballroom Blogx keynotes will be mentioned by the first speaker.
In the ballroom itself the next BlogX session will start at 11:00 am by the second speaker of the event.
At 12:00 pm there will be coffee and tea break for all the people in which you can communicate with different people in the conference while taking your tea or coffee and built a network around.
At 12:30 pm the meeting will start with its BlogX session three by the third speaker of the event.
AT 1;00 pm there will be various speakers from the rising blogger's community who will share their experience and journey with the people and discuss their way to achieving success.
At 1:30 pm the next BlogX session will start by the fourth speaker of the event.
At 2:00 pm a discussion panel will begin by the various industry group leaders.
At 3:00 pm there will be lunch in which again people will get time to interact with the different individuals in the conference widening their network.
At 5:30 pm the BlogX Conference 2017 will be ended.


The BlogX Conference 2017's bookings are available now. The event has four type of ticket available that are the regular ticket, VIP ticket, after party ticket and free attendee ticket. The regular ticket will cost you 2999; the VIP ticket will cost you 4999, and the after party ticket will cost you 3599. Each of the tickets has its particular features or say access options on them. 

These tickets are available with us, and we are offering 50% flat off on every ticket to our customers.So Hurry Up Guys.


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Deepak kumar | 13:49:00 | |

Is it still possible to create a blog that consistently earns good money?
No, not the peanuts that some blogs are earning, but real, sustainable income. Some people think that it’s no longer possible. They think people who started a blog, years ago are the only ones making a kill out of it. That’s not true, and the only blogs that fail are those that don’t follow proper success guidelines.

Start on a solid ground

If you want your blog to be among the “it” blogs, then you should start it on solid ground. Below are some quick pointers on how to do that:
·         Do not start a free blog; they have many limitations. Start a self-hosted one from the word go.
·         Choose a strong, unique and catchy domain name. Make it something that people will keep thinking about.
·         Make sure you choose a reliable and efficient web host.
·         Use WordPress as your content management system. It is free and very easy to use.
·         Ensure your design is adorable, neat and elegant
·         Have a genuine concern for people

Follow the leaders

It is really hard to just start something that has never been done before. There are high chances that someone else has done something similar to what you want to do. Know all your industry leaders and follow them.
They will give you inspiration on so many things. Since they’ve been there for long, they understand your audience; therefore you can deduce that whatever they do on their blogs are based on real user data. You can ask the questions below as you observe them:
·         How do they deliver their content?
·         What kind of persona do they use?
·         What’s their content length?
·         How do they monetize?
·         How do they market?
·         What tools do they use?
·         What seems to be their main mission?
·         What is missing from their blog?
As you answer these questions, you’ll get some brilliant business ideas that you can implement on your own blog. Be careful though that you don’t copy exactly what someone else is doing. People hate that due to lack of originality. Use the ideas you get to craft your own strategy that will stand out from the rest.
People are always thirsty for something new that changes the way things are done. Think of all the recent big names such as Uber and Netflix. They simply took everyday things and made great ideas out of them.

Market smartly

It is funny when you see how some people market nowadays. They just create blog posts and then throw links all over, even where it’s totally inappropriate. Instead of building a brand, this actually taints their image.
Proper marketing should not really look like marketing. In fact, smart marketers simply appear like people who bring about brilliant solutions to people who are yearning for them. You should do the same. Look at the deepest problems that affect your target audience, know where they are, and deliver your content to those who really want it. This is what we call relevant, targeted traffic.
Some of the best places to market include:

·         Optimizing your site for search engines: This ensures that people get you on the first page when they type out a search query. Since they are already searching for your content, they form part of quality traffic. Remember that proper search engine optimization is not just getting people to your site, but also giving them the exact information they’re looking for.

·         Market on social media: This does not just mean posting links haphazardly to all your social circles. Focus on creating focused social audiences that are eager to consume your information. Tight groups such as LinkedIn and Facebook groups can make very good target audiences for your information.

·         Do paid advertising: Advertising gives instant results, though you’ll need to have a budget for it. You can do either search engine or social media advertising. All these advertising platforms have great ways of targeting. Make sure all your ads are properly optimized and targeted.

·         Guest post: This is another phenomenal way of getting instant results. Pitch to different top bloggers and see if you can get a guest posting opportunity on their high traffic blogs. Getting published in these blogs will get you lots of traffic and shares. In fact, if your post goes viral, it can have excellent long-term results.

·         Practice email marketing: Email marketing continues to be one of the best ways of getting sales. It is personalized and automated, therefore enabling you to get results without as much effort as you would have used in other methods.
Note that with today’s busy people, you will always need to use a multi-faceted approach to marketing. You can no longer just rely on one marketing method.


To be a successful blogger, you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort. Blogging can give you passive income; however, that doesn’t happen immediately. You’ll need to do proper setting up and smart marketing to get to your desired level. When properly done, it can end up being an insanely rewarding career.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Deepak kumar | 08:12:00 | |

Hello Friends,

Student life is the best phase of life. I am also student of Btech,the student is only realize the days. you all know students have only limited time get achive the goal but there are many students. He utilize his time and do his work very carefully and in proper time. you all know students have also limited money for his studies or his own work. 

In this post i am going to share you great post which will really help you for your pocket money explore your knowledge in internet you will get money for your knowledge just read this full article and follow the steps if you getting any problem regarding this article then feel free to ask 

Today all are busy in social media sites now a day internet is growth fast.internet is using for study purpose. Apart from it they also use it for gaming, chatting etc. But have you ever thought how students can make money online? just feel relax go through the this and you will get your answer (: 

The benefits of online earning are:
  • You don’t need any special qualifications, be what you are.
  • No work experience needed.
  • You can work from your home at your own time.
  • You save on travelling expenses.
  • You have options to do the jobs which suits you.
  • You can earn without any huge investment.
  • And above all you are the boss.

Best Online Jobs for Students

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the first word which comes to my mind for the list. Their are many alternatives available for freelancing as per our skill level. Be it writing, web designing, coding, technology, photography. Just keep in mind work hard and you can earn money online from home. Below are the few online jobs for students where they can earn money online as a freelancer.

2. Article writing

While studying we read and write a lot. For every answer you need to refer many books. While reading many students master the art of creative writing. If you are having good writing skills then you can earn money by writing good and relevant articles. You can master the art of content writing with your skills. The list below will help you to select the online job to earn online with writing.

3. Web Tutoring

Many students are expert in a particular subject be it Science, Algebra etc. and have skills in explaining any related topic with zeal. They can earn money online by tutoring. Just create your tutor profile with detail and once the verification is over and you will get offers from the sites and you can start earning online. Here goes the list of useful resources.

4. Gaming

Yes!! you heard it right. You can earn online while playing games. We all know before launching any product it has to be tested, used so that we come to know in real how the product works. Same process happens here. Gaming companies invite people to play their games and students are the best in playing games. So you can make money online as a game tester. It’s just like earn while you play. Below is the list of some good gaming websites.

5. Photography

I know many students like to take photographs, selfies. You may have the hobby of taking snaps with very minute details. Then why not turn your hobby into a money making project. You can earn by selling your photo-skills. To make your work easy I have mentioned below some sites where you can earn online by selling photographs.

6. Micro-jobs websites

Now you must be thinking what’s micro jobs. This is something like fresh trend for the students to earn online. For microjobs you need some skills and you can earn from the comfort of your home. Select the fields which intersts you and develop your skill by joining them. Micro-jobs are like commenting on other blogs and social networking sites, creating logos, video reviewing and rating to name a few. The helpful sites to earn online with micro jobs are listed below.

7. Making videos

If making videos is your latest skill you can turn it to money making venture. We like to do video shooting of any important function in our family, school, college. You don’t have to wander with your videos. Simply log on to Youtube, create your channel, upload the content. Make good and trendy topic video. Once you gain audience you can monetize your Youtube channel. Simple isn’t it !!! The best website to earn online with video is

8. Buy/Sell Domain names

We all know about trading different commodity like stocks, metals. Now you can start buying /selling domain names. We all know people need domain names to sell their products online. What you have to do is think creative names and buy the domain names. Keep it with you till you get a good buyer who can offer you a profitable rate for that special domain. The list below for buying the domain names.
9. Affiliate Marketing

We all know the in this time every one using internet and many are buying the product from E-website but the person who buy the product then you not get any profit if you are using affiliate of flipkart,amazon or any affilite then you get commision for per buy products.

There are many option to earn money but i am giving you in this post is best way to earn money
I advice students to be focussed on their academics also. It shouldn’t be like you are more intersted in earning and neglecting your studies. Make sure you give time to school/college activities also, earning is not the priority right now. you can also see this Online Jobs For College students from home 
According to your question you are get your answer. If still your are not getting your answer or have any question then feel free to ask.

If you like my post then share in social media

Friday, 18 November 2016

Deepak kumar | 21:58:00 | | |

 ARMember is one of the latest entries in the membership plug-in zone. It is an easy to handle plugin that does not need you to be a pro in programming. It has large number of plans, be it free or paid. The paid plans that it offers are supported with various ways of payment, making it easy for common people. It is a very much user friendly product and adding to it, ARMember wordpress membership plugin offers so many features that make it even more convenient. It offers every kind of features, no matter how basic or high-end the features are, this plug in will have it. It has different and proper sorted levels for different membership levels that people have with them. Its users experience the design features are very firm. It has a clean interface and is instinctive. It has the ability to meet the needs of its users in very affordable prices, plus ARMember plug-in is a very secured product making it more efficient.

Main Features

It has a wide range of features, so many in numbers that people would hardly remember any other plugin once they use this one. This is a complete user friendly product that was made keeping in mind even the smallest needs of its user. Out of its N number of features, some are listed here:

Ø No end to its memberships - both paid and free.
Ø You can have a trial period to fully trust the plug-in and can also have membership setup wizard.
Ø Navigation menus can be easily changed based on level of your membership and enables you to add login and sign up forms to it.
Ø The content present for pages and posts is restricted and even drips over time.
Ø Login does not take time and is very quick and it also offers you coupons at various times.
Ø The directory pages and member profile can be customized according to the user’s wish.
Ø No fear of spams.
Ø Users are given badges and achievements, so that they can be classified properly.
Ø Its support team is fully professionals who are always ready to help you.
Ø Users are offered more than one payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Bank Transfer.

Membership Modules

1.      Social Feature
2.      Opt-ins
3.      Drip Content
4.      Social Connect
5.      Coupon
6.      Buddy Press

Membership Shortcuts

As earlier said ARMember Plug-in is very user friendly and has provided Membership Shortcodes button to its users for action buttons, forms and numerous membership functions and features. Making it more convenient, they have provided the description of each shortcode about what it do and how is it useful in the Advanced tab. As it has different free as well as paid memberships, the number of memberships it offers is huge. you can also find this plugin in wordpress membership plugin
The paid memberships come with a very convenient value. A value of $32 for regular license, that comes with a validity of 6 months and can be upgraded further. For extending it for 12 months, users have to pay an amount of additional $10.50.


ARMember is a membership plug-in that is provided with various features starting from the most basic to the highest end features. Breaking the monotony of the bogged down features, ARMember plug-in have deep features to offer.
It impressed me by the way that it is made such an easy to operate product, where you don’t have to take helps of various people around those might be better at the tech products. It also left behind other products by its intelligent designs.

At the end I would like to recommend the readers to buy a membership of this plug-in, in order to experience easy and protective working.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Amit Bhandari | 23:52:00 | |

Top 5 Free Best Music Download Sites of 2016

Here in this post we are focusing and try to provide such information so it becomes easy to those who are daily finding any music downloading site but do not able to find best one, for those we are here to complete their needs. For completing the need of users who are still finding the online free mp3 download sites from where they can do best mp3 downloader apps for android. Here are the solution of this problem, people who are searching for free downloading sites this post is very valuable for you because now you just go through the site by choosing one of them which we are going to upload.

The sites which we are going to update are high rated from among all the other sites. So you will not going to face any problem while using these all sites because these all are very legal and easy to use. People who like to listen music or who are music lover but do not wants any other apps to install in their devices so then they are looking for such sites which helps those users to find out the best music downloader sites from any Bollywood or album songs. There are lots number of songs updating day by day in our daily life so choosing a sites which keeps you up to date with latest songs so you can able to download any latest songs whenever you wants.You may also like mp3 download sites

Top Music Streaming Sites:-


On individuals share their music for nothing for business use. It prompts a collection of musical creations, making it somewhat elusive the required one. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you oversee, you will find a great deal of inquisitive tune variations. So in the event that you require a track for your YouTube video and would prefer not to have any issues with your record, then go to and look for some extraordinary bit of music. Check most well known, most downloaded, later and most played tracks. When you are done, click Download catch to get the track. 


It ought to shock no one that the Walmart of the web has a biggest deal container of free MP3 downloads. At time of composing, Amazon has precisely 46,856 free tunes accessible, and that number will most likely get greater after some time. The decent thing about Amazon's rundown of freebies is that you can undoubtedly scan it by sort, and it even lets you know what number of free tracks there are inside every classification.

3. is also a big site for great music collection. Now you are thinking that we can only stream tracks without downloading them but this is true. On you find a section with free music downloads. Choose a category and check what tracks you wants to search. When you find any of your favorite song just you need to only click on blue Free Download button to get that song into your PC. Unfortunately, music quality is not stated, but you can listen to a track before downloading it. Of course, free section is not that huge like YouTube one, but still you can find some old tracks to recall great moments.

4. is a free mp3 download website with gushing administration which permits clients to listen to music content from record marks including Sony, UM bunch, Warner Music Group on different gadgets online or disconnected. Its has 40+ million authorized tracks in its library, more than 31,000 radio channels, 20 million month to month dynamic clients and 6 million paid supporters as of walk 2016. is accessible for Web, OS X, iOS, Android Kindle Fire HDX, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. Site Most Popular in France, Brazil, Germany.

5. is an online mixtape conveyance stage claimed by Idle media Inc. It represents considerable authority in rap, urban and hip-jump music. This mp3 download webpage offers more than one components, for example, Premium paid clients have a boundless number of downloads of any mixtape, Unregistered clients are permitted to download for nothing any mixtape transferred to the site that has been supported by the craftsman. Enlisted clients are allowed a predetermined number of downloads of non-supported mixtapes every day.


So guys that's all hope you liked our post which was totally based on free music downloading sites. Hope we satisfy you with our post by providing all the information about best sites to download any mp3 song. You must be like it but if you have any doubt so ask us on comment section.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Deepak kumar | 06:46:00 | |

Hello Friends,In this post, I am going to explain you about an amazing music app Music paradise pro app is one of the best apps for mobile as well as PC to play music so, here we are giving you the steps to download music paradise app for PC. Directly you cannot download music paradise on google play  store hence the smart thing to do is download it from some other sources. In this music app, you can find free music files.  We ask you to follow the given steps to download and install music paradise app on your PC. Mostly all loves music and especially music lover wants to listen to different types of music for them there is an app with which one freely and happily listen to music.

How to download music paradise app for PC windows/7/8.1/10

·         First download the blue stacks application into your PC and then install it

·         You will find search button & now click on it.

·         Type Music paradise pro without any quotes and install the application

·         Hence by using bluestacks you have now installed music paradise app

·         Start using it

If once you have successfully installed music paradise app through bluestacks so now you can search music and play and you can download music without any internet.

Best features of music paradise app for pc

·         You easily Search and play any music instantly without any subscriptions or errors

·         One hundred percent free music

·         Discover new songs and music files from search options

·         One of the most interesting features of music paradise app is that you can download the music and play than in offline without any data connection.

Final conclusion for Music paradise app for Pc

Music paradise pro is good for personal computer and it is the smart app that I ever used for playing music files songs, audio content. Pc users can easily listen to latest songs with much more ease. So if you want to know more about music paradise app or if have issues while using the app please feel free to ask us and we are here to help you out.

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