Saturday, 17 March 2018

What is Wii u Emulator – CEMU

Posted by Deepak kumar
Wii u Console

If you are game addicted and don’t know about the Wii u console and its emulator name as CEMU then you are just like a small point in the sea of video games. Here I am going to tell about both the things and also going to discuss what are the best sites to download Wii u emulator or the CEMU. But firstly let’s know about Wii u console. WII U ROMS CEMU is famously known as the next great gaming console from Nintendo and it will redefine you in new arena how you will was the first eighth generation home video game console. It is not going to introduce only entirely new ways to play games, but it will also transform how you connect with friends and enjoy the entertainment. Wii U GamePad Controller is most innovative because it has the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope that allow users for intuitive motion controls. It also has a camera that will be used for video chats while playing the games.

Wii u Emulator- CEMU

So now talking about Wii u Emulator, the emulator has basically defined the set off all games. And the Cemu is commonly known as Wii U emulator that enables the users to run all the Nintendo games on a PC with such very high-quality levels and might be the possibility the quality will increase up to 4K resolution. As it going through to the constant development, it will support to run a lot of games at 1080p/60fps, and with each new version, it will increase the compatibility range. The updates were regularly coming after three to four weak.

How to download CEMU

As we the emulator releases were usually compiled in Visual Studio 2012.therefore we have to install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 to run the emulator. And for better result always choose 64 bit. Now there is a number of sites on which we are able to download the cemu. And the best sites to download CEMU emulator were DarkUmbra, Portalroms, chaosgames and cboxera.

DarkUmbra is the best website for gaming content and news. It enables the users to download Wii u Emulator, just search for the ROMS link on the website and you will get the link and download it.
Portalrooms is the website in which you are able to download an emulator, only you have to just search for the keys and there are various keys available for ROMS.
Personally, I will say Chaos games is the website where you will serve as very fast and can access any type of the game. You have to make an account and able to download the emulators.
Cboxera is the website in which you are able to download as fast as. You can also check into the chat rooms for searching the best ROMS available there.

So all this we have in this article, I hope you will like the information and also able to play games enjoyable.
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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Cheltenham Festival 2018- Schedule,Time Full guide

Posted by Deepak kumar

The Cheltenham Festival is an event where many of the best British and Irish trained horses run to a specified line. It was one of the most valuable winning race after Grand National in the United Kingdom. There was a huge money gamble at stack in the game. The History tells that this festival originated in 1860 when an event National Hunt case was first held at the Market Harborough. At the starting phase of the sport, it was titled as Grand National Hunt meeting. Now in the 20th century, it was mostly held at Warwick Racecourse in the month of March. It was also supposed that Cheltenham is mainly famous for its atmosphere and the crowd noise which occurs at highest peak during the race of the festival. In the Cheltenham festival there were the several grade races happen, but some of the Grade I races are Cheltenham Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle, Queen Mother Champion Chase and World Hurdle.

Stayer's hurdle was famously known as the oldest race first ran in 1912 at Cheltenham festival but nowadays it was currently a championship race. In 1924 a new race gold cup was established but starting it was only known as supporting race for country hurdle which was the main event of the 1st day. As the year passes many seasons goes this race slowly became a championship race. In 1959, Queen mother Championship chase was originated and discovered. Another record to remember is that Gee Armitage 21year old who was a first female jockey to win a race at the festival on 17 March 1987.

But nowadays there were several safety concerns occurs during the race. In 2011 during the race, 11 horses were died due to equine injuries and fatalities. According to the reports from newspapers in 2017 four horses were also killed during the four-day Cheltenham.

This year The Cheltenham festival 2018 will be held from March 13th -16th (Tues-Fri), but the biggest race will Race on 3:30 pm each day and the highlights of the four-day event being finalized as to Friday’s Gold Cup. The timing of each day is 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm. There are several races will happen but a total of 28 races happens throughout the four days. This year there are more than 260,000 people will pass through the gate of a park to see the race in four days. There are so many places in the racecourse that everyone will want to visit there. Some of them are Best Mate, Trophy Room, Hall of Fame, Guinness Village, Jockey Club Wi-Fi, Trade stands, Ap McCoy wall and Final Flight War. The Trophy hall is located at Quevega’s and it consists of all glittering trophies. While talking about Hall of fame it will display all Cheltenham Gold Cup winners list and also a history of Cheltenham Festival. Hundreds of signatures of race-gears were available on Ap McCoy wall. It reflects all the historical achievements of legendary Jockey. The final Flight is a post-race destination at Cheltenham festival where you will enjoy live music and cocktails party. I hope you will going to enjoy this festival.

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Top 5 Android Apps Download Websites

Posted by Deepak kumar
Android is one of the world most widely used, mobile operating system having millions of users all around the world. Android OS is very famous among users due to its high numbers of smart apps and interesting, addictive games. There are millions of apps for Android users and users can download Android apps from various platforms and websites like Apps Prison. And Google  Play store is mostly used platform among all. There are millions of apps available in Google play but still users should explore other platforms and websites to download apps. And in this post, we are helping our readers to explore more about these sites to download Android apps. 

To Know More stuff related to android check this 

All below-mentioned sites are reliable, and users can blindly download apps through these websites without any fear of viruses or any other threat to the device like hack or hang.

Top 5 Android Apps Download Websites

Here is a list of some top platforms to download Android apps.

1. 9APPS: It is one of the best 3rd party Android apps download platform. Users can download apps through 9APPS website and mobile platform. The best thing about is that users don’t have to register to download apps. It has more than 250 million active users from more than 100 countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, etc. If we talk about the website. It is very good and responsive. Users can download app within one click without any registration. We are providing here a snap taken from the official website of it have a look.

Let us highlight some of its key features which we like about it with some pros have a look.

1. No need to create an account.
2. Users can also download older versions of the app if they are not happy with the current version.
3. It is a reliable platform to download as it is an Alibaba company product.
4. There are a large variety of apps available, and users can browse all apps through the effective interface provided by the 9APPS.

1. Review systems of apps is not good, and it seems to be useless for those who download apps after reading reviews.

2.    1 Mobile: It is also very famous Android apps download platform, and users can use 1 Mobile site and mobile app to download free games and apps. The interface of the website is one biggest plus point as users can easily discover new and apps to download. Users can easily explore new utility apps, or they can discover new addictive game through it. Here is a snap of official website.

There are some pros and cons which we would like share with our readers. Have a look.

1.    Easy to use interface makes its users explore different types of apps.
2.    Huge collection of apps consists of over 800,000 apps.

1.    The interface of the website is good, but it lacks somewhere in the field of responsiveness. It should be more responsive.

3. APPS APK: APPS APK provides a platform to all Android users to access different types of apps of different genres like social, religion, games, entertainment, etc. APPS APK consists of limited numbers of apps, but each app is selected through various selection procedure so that users get the best virus free apps. You can also see its interface through below snap.

There are some pros and cons too associated with it have a look.

 1. It is providing different types of app covering different genres from religion to entertainment.
 2. It supports only quality content, and regular users can also upload their apps easily.

1. The site is very easy to use but at the cost of the user interface. As you can see from the above snap, the user interface is very simple and very boring. Developers should work on it.

4. is one of the largest online platforms through which users can download apps and games for different OS like Android, iOS, Symbian (Mainly Nokia devices), etc. Along with apps users can download free ringtones and high-quality videos.  
Users can download apps without any account but to download apps users have to enter details of their device to get the list of best compatible apps. How does it look like? Here is a snap have a look.

Some points which we would like to highlight for our readers.

1. Users always get some best compatible apps due to filter option.
2. It also makes it users to download apps directly through Google Play store option.
3. The interface of the app is very attractive and easy to use.

1. It consists of the limited numbers of apps.

5. Mobogenie: Last but not least. Mobogenie is the website which consists of millions of apps for its users. Users can Mobogenie websites to download apps, in fact, users can also download its mobile store. Mobogenie has 4400,000,00 plus users from more than 252 plus countries. If we talk about the interface of the website it is superb. Have a look at below snap for more idea.

Mobogenie makes it users to use apps of different types like Skyvi through which users can get Siri-like experience, it feels like they are using Siri .  Now let us highlight some of pros and cons of it.

1. It is a reliable source of apps, and we can get the idea about it from total numbers of global users.
2. The official website is very good and responsive as users can easily find and download apps through it.

1 Haven’t find yet.

Over to You

 We are wrapping up here with some tips; please read below tips it will help you for sure.
1. There are many websites through which you can download apps but make sure the site is reliable.
2. There are many online app apk generator sites available through which users can get apk files of many paid apps but these sites often attach some harmful virus along with apk files.
There are few other apps also that are alternative app store to playstore from where you can get premium apps for free among all such platforms you can download aptoide to get playstore apps for free

Hope you like our list of  Top 5 Android Apps Download Websites. For any suggestions, please contact us through likes, comments, and share.
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Top 7 Android Apps for Writers 2017

Posted by Deepak kumar
Now-a-days, almost all people use smartphone or tablet for their personal and business purpose. They use smartphone and tablet for different purpose like communicate with people, browsing the web, watching movies or playing games. But you may don’t know that some people also use their smartphone or tablet for writing purpose. Yes, as there are several free apps available for writers in the Play Store, so now you can easily write down anything you want. You can write your class homework, business proposal, a poem or a story. But you need to know about right apps that are great for writers. So in this post, I’m going share some top Android Apps for Writers. Hope this list will help you to choose some ideal writing app and increase your productivity.

7 Free Best Android Apps for Writers

1: Writer Plus (Write On the Go)

The Writer Plus is one of the well-known and handy Android app for writers that comes with different unique features. The simple and fast writing app comes with user-friendly interface and navigation. You can write anything like notes, poems, Nobel or story using this free app. Creating a new text file, open existing file or edit is now easy with writer plus app. The built-in keyboard short-cut helps to write faster and save your valuable time. You can also format or markdown any paragraph for editing purpose. Word and character count feature also make this app perfect for the writers to complete their jobs within their target. There is also night-mode feature available in this app to keep your eye healthy in the night.

2: JotterPad

JotterPad, another most popular writing app for Android users that also comes with several attractive features. This is a plain text editor app that you can use to write or edit anything easily and quickly. The clean and smart interface help to write faster and focus on your topic constantly. Another most attractive feature of this app is it’s built-in dictionary. So you don’t need to install or open a dictionary app while writing to find the meaning of the words.  The customized keyboard layout makes this app top ideal for typing faster. Like the previous one, this app also comes with keyboard shortcut feature.

3: iA Writer: Note, write, edit

The iA Writer is one of the top rated and downloader Android app for writer in the Google Play Store. This is also a simple plain text editor to write or edit business proposals, essay, Nobel or story with best writing experience. The intelligent and multi-markdown feature added in this app to separate paragraph, form and format text easily. The unique focus mode will help to improve your writing style as well as typing speed. You can directly browse or open files from Dropbox or Google Drive using this app. So you can save files directly to cloud storage and browse from anywhere.

4: Evernote

The Evernote is an ideal app to do your writing tasks as well as keep them organized. This is one of the renowned apps to keep your files organized. Using the built-in text-note feature, you can easily write essay, stories, class works or anything. There is also file attachment feature to add files from the cloud server or device storage with your current works. You can set a reminder, attach an audio file, attach image and more with the Evernote app. The most attractive feature of this app is, it’s available for PC, iOS, and Android. So you can browse your existing works from anywhere and anytime you want.


Writers always need to find the meaning of different words. So a dictionary app is essential for writers to decorate their essay, poem, story or Nobel perfectly. The is one of the well-known, top downloaded and top rated dictionary app that available in more than 30 different languages. The built-in audio pronunciation available in this dictionary app and you can also search words using the voice search. As there are thousands of articles available here in different topics, so you can also increase your writing knowledge using this app.

6: Wikipedia Beta

Writers need to search for different information and we know that Wikipedia is one of the best sources of different kind’s information. So the Wikipedia Beta is also one of an essential apps for writers. This is the official Wikipedia App that comes with simple and user-friendly navigation. Using the built-in search box, you can search anything to find related information.

7: Google Drive

A smartphone or tablet is a portable gadget that you can carry anywhere. So writing using your smartphone or tablet is the best idea to increase your productivity. But sometimes you may need to access your old tasks that you may save on your PC or another device. So a cloud storage app is also important for you. And the Google Drive is best for this with 15GB free storage. This is also one of the secure cloud storage, so you need to worry about your confidential or important files. You can save your files to different folder and search using the file or folder name.

It’s Your Time

To become successful in writing profession, you need to utilize the modern technologies. And smartphone and tablet are one of the best modern innovation that you can use to increase your productivity. You can also use one or more Android apps from this list and hope these app will help to get better writing experience and increase your productivity.

Keep visiting for latest updates,Sharing is carrying.
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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Transfer Files From One Computer to Another Using LAN Cable

Posted by Deepak kumar
Hello friends,everyone want to share his data very fast because pen drive is used only for small files but if you want to move to big data one PC to another its very difficult,so here is solution for you.he most common device today we use to transfer files from one computer to another is an external hard drive or the USB flash drive. Compared to 2 – 3 years ago, the technology has now improved a lot and you can get more than 48MBps of data speed. Nevertheless, if you don’t have access to a high-speed external hard drive or a USB flash drive you can use a LAN cable to transfer files from one computer to another. 

In today’s post, we will learn how to transfer files between computers using a LAN cable.

The advantage of using a LAN cable to transfer files between computers is that you don’t need to have an external storage device like USB flash drive or an external hard drive. Even if you have a USB flash drive, the possibility is that you have a 16GB or 32GB USB flash drive and if you want to transfer a hundred gigs of data from one computer to another computer, you cannot do that with your 32GB USB drive. Even, if you choose to transfer data in parts, it will be a frustrating task.
However, this is not the case when you use LAN cable to transfer files from one computer to another. All you have to do is set up your LAN connection with proper IP address and start sharing files. Here you can directly transfer any amount of data to another computer with ease without having to use USB flash drive or external hard drive.
To know how to transfer Files from one computer to another Using LAN cable  you can follow the steps given below. Once you have set up everything, you can transfer files anytime with few clicks. So, let’s get started.

A cross-over LAN cable to connect both the computers (You can use an ordinary Ethernet cable if the hardware has auto sense ).

Follow these steps to know how to transfer Files from one computer to another using LAN cable.

Step 1: Connect LAN cable to Computer

Take your cross-over LAN cable and connect it to your computer using the LAN port. This should not take more than a minute if you know where the LAN ports are.

Step 2: Enable Sharing on Computers

Once you have connected both the computers, it’s time to enable file sharing on both the computers.
To do this go to Control Panel, click on Network and Internet, open Network and Sharing Center and click on Advance Sharing Settings.
Click on your Current profile to expand it. Under Network Discovery, select “Turn on Network Discovery“.

Next, click on All Network to expand it. Under Password protected sharing center select “Turn off password protected sharing”.

Click on “Save Changes” button to save the settings.

Step 3: Connect Both the Computers to the same Network

Now you have to bring both the computers on the same network. For this, you need to make changes in your network connection settings.
Go to “Control Panel“, click on “Network and Internet” and select “Network Connections“.
Right-click on your “Local Area Connection” and select “Properties”.
Under properties window, double-click on “TCP / IP v4” to open its properties.
Select “Use the following IP address:
On your first computer enter the following values:
IP Address
Subnet mask
Default gateway 
On your second computer enter the following values:
IP Address
Subnet mask
Default gateway
Click on the OK button to save the Settings on both the computers. If everything went right, then you should be able to see both the computers under Network section of your PC.

Step 4: Sharing  Folders

Now that you have set up both the computers and have the LAN cable connected to both the computers, you are all set to transfer the files between your computers. Now go to your computer one, and navigate to the location from where your folder is located. Right-click on the folder that you want to share using LAN cable with another computer and select ” Share with” from the option.

When you hover over “Share with” you should see more options. Select “Specific people” from the options.

It will open a “File Share” window.  Click on the drop-down arrow button and select everyone. Click on Add button and then click on Share button finally.  That’s it. You have successfully shared the folder with another computer.

Step 5: Transfer Files using  LAN Cable

Now that you have shared your folder with another computer and that computer has access to your shared folder, it’s time to transfer files from that shared folder to your computer. Note that, you can only transfer files from the folders that are already shared. So, repeat the step 4 for every folder that you want to share with another computer.If you want to transfer the data from USB to android phone then read more about usb otg cable
To transfer files from the shared folder, open My Computer, from the left pane click on Network and click on your first computer name.  Here you will find the shared folder. Open the folder, copy all the files you want to transfer to another computer.

Now paste the files into your second computer’s hard drive or external hard disk. The transfer may take somewhere between minutes to hours depending on your file size.
Remove Share Folder
If you don’t want to share the folder with another PC then you can stop it. Right-click on the folder, go to Share with and select Specific People. Under share names, click on Everyone, and from the right side under permission click on the drop-down arrow icon and select Remove...

So, this was about how to transfer files from one computer to another using LAN cable. Do let us know your views in the comments below.
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Friday, 6 October 2017

Top Most active Torrent sites of 2017 [Updated]

Posted by Koshal Singh

A lot of Torrent sites every year are being shut down and of course some new ones are also created. There is a big list of such sites but not all of them are that good. So today I am going to tell you about some best Torrent sites. But if we talk about best of all then no doubt it is The Pirate Bay.


All Torrent sites promise to give good facility but not all can fulfill the criteria. There are only a few of them that provide all the updates of movies and games. From the list below there may be some sites that are ban in your country but not in other parts so just check for that.


On you will get high quality torrentz and that also with a lot of torrents available. You can have your account on this site and there is a membership fee that you have to purchase. The worst thing is that there are a lot of adult pop ups that are too irritating.



2.  Torlock

If you have ability to identify fake torrents then Torlock can prove to be the best one for you. This is because Torlock will pay you if you report the fake torrents. By doing this you would be favoring a lot to this. This is basically for the people who regularly download the fake torrents file because they easily can find the fake files.


3. is a third party service developed in Czech Republic and is different from other torrent sites. First of all it takes your request for the torrent that you want to download and then it privately downloads the file and sends you the link for the downloaded torrent. You have to pay a subscription fee that is paid every month but guys it is worth giving. It allows speed of 100 MB and after subscription the speed is increased.



Due to its best quality is one of the best sites for downloading torrentz but its disadvantage is that you may not find bulk torrents that other torrent downloading sites offer. This site is best for you if you want quality rather than the quantity.


5. also offers the mobile app that gives access to the people who do not have a pc to download the torrents from this site. This site is similar to KAT. So guys if you are a fan of KAT torrent site then this site is best for you. The site is improving the quality and performance.


6.  Torrent funk

This is also one of the best site to download torrent files. This is always good site because it gives you recommendation and its best feature is that it allows tagging people and also you can comment.



There are many torrent sites that provides you limited files but offers you more than 18 million files and that is quite impressive. Many people finds it difficult to find a torrent that have all the sources in it. So is the perfect option to find music and movies easily.


So, guys, these are some of the best torrent sites that help you to download the torrent files easily. So enjoy the content and have the best downloading experience.

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