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Top 5 Android Apps Download Websites

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Android is one of the world most widely used, mobile operating system having millions of users all around the world. Android OS is very famous among users due to its high numbers of smart apps and interesting, addictive games. There are millions of apps for Android users and users can download Android apps from various platforms and websites like Apps Prison. And Google  Play store is mostly used platform among all. There are millions of apps available in Google play but still users should explore other platforms and websites to download apps. And in this post, we are helping our readers to explore more about these sites to download Android apps. 

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All below-mentioned sites are reliable, and users can blindly download apps through these websites without any fear of viruses or any other threat to the device like hack or hang.

Top 5 Android Apps Download Websites

Here is a list of some top platforms to download Android apps.

1. 9APPS: It is one of the best 3rd party Android apps download platform. Users can download apps through 9APPS website and mobile platform. The best thing about is that users don’t have to register to download apps. It has more than 250 million active users from more than 100 countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, etc. If we talk about the website. It is very good and responsive. Users can download app within one click without any registration. We are providing here a snap taken from the official website of it have a look.

Let us highlight some of its key features which we like about it with some pros have a look.

1. No need to create an account.
2. Users can also download older versions of the app if they are not happy with the current version.
3. It is a reliable platform to download as it is an Alibaba company product.
4. There are a large variety of apps available, and users can browse all apps through the effective interface provided by the 9APPS.

1. Review systems of apps is not good, and it seems to be useless for those who download apps after reading reviews.

2.    1 Mobile: It is also very famous Android apps download platform, and users can use 1 Mobile site and mobile app to download free games and apps. The interface of the website is one biggest plus point as users can easily discover new and apps to download. Users can easily explore new utility apps, or they can discover new addictive game through it. Here is a snap of official website.

There are some pros and cons which we would like share with our readers. Have a look.

1.    Easy to use interface makes its users explore different types of apps.
2.    Huge collection of apps consists of over 800,000 apps.

1.    The interface of the website is good, but it lacks somewhere in the field of responsiveness. It should be more responsive.

3. APPS APK: APPS APK provides a platform to all Android users to access different types of apps of different genres like social, religion, games, entertainment, etc. APPS APK consists of limited numbers of apps, but each app is selected through various selection procedure so that users get the best virus free apps. You can also see its interface through below snap.

There are some pros and cons too associated with it have a look.

 1. It is providing different types of app covering different genres from religion to entertainment.
 2. It supports only quality content, and regular users can also upload their apps easily.

1. The site is very easy to use but at the cost of the user interface. As you can see from the above snap, the user interface is very simple and very boring. Developers should work on it.

4. is one of the largest online platforms through which users can download apps and games for different OS like Android, iOS, Symbian (Mainly Nokia devices), etc. Along with apps users can download free ringtones and high-quality videos.  
Users can download apps without any account but to download apps users have to enter details of their device to get the list of best compatible apps. How does it look like? Here is a snap have a look.

Some points which we would like to highlight for our readers.

1. Users always get some best compatible apps due to filter option.
2. It also makes it users to download apps directly through Google Play store option.
3. The interface of the app is very attractive and easy to use.

1. It consists of the limited numbers of apps.

5. Mobogenie: Last but not least. Mobogenie is the website which consists of millions of apps for its users. Users can Mobogenie websites to download apps, in fact, users can also download its mobile store. Mobogenie has 4400,000,00 plus users from more than 252 plus countries. If we talk about the interface of the website it is superb. Have a look at below snap for more idea.

Mobogenie makes it users to use apps of different types like Skyvi through which users can get Siri-like experience, it feels like they are using Siri .  Now let us highlight some of pros and cons of it.

1. It is a reliable source of apps, and we can get the idea about it from total numbers of global users.
2. The official website is very good and responsive as users can easily find and download apps through it.

1 Haven’t find yet.

Over to You

 We are wrapping up here with some tips; please read below tips it will help you for sure.
1. There are many websites through which you can download apps but make sure the site is reliable.
2. There are many online app apk generator sites available through which users can get apk files of many paid apps but these sites often attach some harmful virus along with apk files.
There are few other apps also that are alternative app store to playstore from where you can get premium apps for free among all such platforms you can download aptoide to get playstore apps for free

Hope you like our list of  Top 5 Android Apps Download Websites. For any suggestions, please contact us through likes, comments, and share.


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