Tuesday, 28 February 2017

3 Best Game Killer App Alternatives For Android

Posted by skumar
If you are an Android user, then you would know that Android games are one of the best games in the world. You can play highest-graphical games on your smartphone. Most of the PC games from past decade are now compatible with the Android Smartphones and Tabs.

Many companies and developers are putting together a game which can win the hearts of new gamers. You can find thousands of games to play to kill sometimes and divert your mind from your professional life. However, not many people can get enough time for themselves, and when they play the games to kill time, then the annoying ADS represents ion between the play and game ask you to invest pay few dollars continue the journey, which is not acceptable for many users.

3 Best Game Killer App Alternatives For Android

If you are one of those players, then there is an alternative way you want to unlock those games and penetrate inside the games so that you can continue playing your favorite game. There are several other options which can come in handy to you. If you are impatient then why wait? Let's get started now with these game killer alternatives.

SB Game Hacker APK

Most of the game hacking apps would ask you to root your smartphone, but in this case, SB game hacker does not require your smartphone to be rooted. If you have no idea what ROOT stands for then, you can proceed with the app without any hassle. The app offers several games where you can penetrate the app from within to get rid of the annoying ADS, increase points, score, gems and more. The app would never ask you to pay few dollars like other apps do.

Key Features 

·         The app does not ask you to pay a dollar or so to use the services.
·         You don;t have to risk your smartphone to use the app (Root is not required).
·         You don't have to look for any alternative when you have this app because it supports all the main apps. 


Probably the most underrated app in the game hack category. You have to root your smartphone to use the app features and functionality. There is no doubt that the Gamecih has features which allow you to access games premium features and removes annoying ADS. You can also increase coins and points.

Key Features

·         Root is required (But it works smoothly).
·         You can remove ADS and unlimited In-App purchases.
·         Supports several popular apps.


You will never get bored of the app because the features will never let you go the quickly. You can do plenty of things when you have Creehack on your smartphone. The app lets you penetrate into games and enables you to control the Points, Scores, Gems and More. 

Key Features

·         You can hack almost any game app.
·         Let's you manipulate the game as you please.
·         Your smartphone needs to be rooted.
·         Unlimited In-App purchases


Here are the apps which will ensure that you can penetrate the apps within and manipulate the scores the way you like. We would love to know your thoughts and suggestion the comments below.


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