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Top 7 Android Apps for Writers 2017

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Now-a-days, almost all people use smartphone or tablet for their personal and business purpose. They use smartphone and tablet for different purpose like communicate with people, browsing the web, watching movies or playing games. But you may don’t know that some people also use their smartphone or tablet for writing purpose. Yes, as there are several free apps available for writers in the Play Store, so now you can easily write down anything you want. You can write your class homework, business proposal, a poem or a story. But you need to know about right apps that are great for writers. So in this post, I’m going share some top Android Apps for Writers. Hope this list will help you to choose some ideal writing app and increase your productivity.

7 Free Best Android Apps for Writers

1: Writer Plus (Write On the Go)

The Writer Plus is one of the well-known and handy Android app for writers that comes with different unique features. The simple and fast writing app comes with user-friendly interface and navigation. You can write anything like notes, poems, Nobel or story using this free app. Creating a new text file, open existing file or edit is now easy with writer plus app. The built-in keyboard short-cut helps to write faster and save your valuable time. You can also format or markdown any paragraph for editing purpose. Word and character count feature also make this app perfect for the writers to complete their jobs within their target. There is also night-mode feature available in this app to keep your eye healthy in the night.

2: JotterPad

JotterPad, another most popular writing app for Android users that also comes with several attractive features. This is a plain text editor app that you can use to write or edit anything easily and quickly. The clean and smart interface help to write faster and focus on your topic constantly. Another most attractive feature of this app is it’s built-in dictionary. So you don’t need to install or open a dictionary app while writing to find the meaning of the words.  The customized keyboard layout makes this app top ideal for typing faster. Like the previous one, this app also comes with keyboard shortcut feature.

3: iA Writer: Note, write, edit

The iA Writer is one of the top rated and downloader Android app for writer in the Google Play Store. This is also a simple plain text editor to write or edit business proposals, essay, Nobel or story with best writing experience. The intelligent and multi-markdown feature added in this app to separate paragraph, form and format text easily. The unique focus mode will help to improve your writing style as well as typing speed. You can directly browse or open files from Dropbox or Google Drive using this app. So you can save files directly to cloud storage and browse from anywhere.

4: Evernote

The Evernote is an ideal app to do your writing tasks as well as keep them organized. This is one of the renowned apps to keep your files organized. Using the built-in text-note feature, you can easily write essay, stories, class works or anything. There is also file attachment feature to add files from the cloud server or device storage with your current works. You can set a reminder, attach an audio file, attach image and more with the Evernote app. The most attractive feature of this app is, it’s available for PC, iOS, and Android. So you can browse your existing works from anywhere and anytime you want.


Writers always need to find the meaning of different words. So a dictionary app is essential for writers to decorate their essay, poem, story or Nobel perfectly. The is one of the well-known, top downloaded and top rated dictionary app that available in more than 30 different languages. The built-in audio pronunciation available in this dictionary app and you can also search words using the voice search. As there are thousands of articles available here in different topics, so you can also increase your writing knowledge using this app.

6: Wikipedia Beta

Writers need to search for different information and we know that Wikipedia is one of the best sources of different kind’s information. So the Wikipedia Beta is also one of an essential apps for writers. This is the official Wikipedia App that comes with simple and user-friendly navigation. Using the built-in search box, you can search anything to find related information.

7: Google Drive

A smartphone or tablet is a portable gadget that you can carry anywhere. So writing using your smartphone or tablet is the best idea to increase your productivity. But sometimes you may need to access your old tasks that you may save on your PC or another device. So a cloud storage app is also important for you. And the Google Drive is best for this with 15GB free storage. This is also one of the secure cloud storage, so you need to worry about your confidential or important files. You can save your files to different folder and search using the file or folder name.

It’s Your Time

To become successful in writing profession, you need to utilize the modern technologies. And smartphone and tablet are one of the best modern innovation that you can use to increase your productivity. You can also use one or more Android apps from this list and hope these app will help to get better writing experience and increase your productivity.

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