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Best Wireless Routers 2017- Reviews and Guide

Posted by skumar
A good wireless router makes a bad day for me and all the dissimilarity between good day.
This guide is for you in case you aren’t looking forward to ripping out your hair in search for a thing that works then.

Today, we are likely to go over the most effective wireless routers for you to make use of them at your home.

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Here’s the list of our top 5 picks.

1.                        ASUS RT AC88U

ASUS not only makes top of computer hardware and the line gaming PCs but they're also in the business of making net connectivity hassle free.

This powerful device supports speeds up to 2100 Mbps.
Produced by a well-known player in the marketplace you may rest assured of its own quality.
The apparatus features 8 GIGA bit LAN interfaces for better connectivity.

It runs on a strong dual core CPU that's powered using a rapid 1.4 GHz processor.
The setup process for ASUS RT AC 88U

To install the application, you should connect the this to your PC and when the connection it'll open up ASUS RT 88U is identified by the PC ’s net interface and give you alternatives to configure it to your liking.
For making it secure from others, after that one can establish the name of the link and the password.

Ø The ASUS RT shone in all of the tests I gave it.

Ø It offers connections that are very secure over a very long period of use and has a long range

Ø Asus includes a VPN server that can be easily accessed with this.

Ø Compared to older versions, this one has nearly exactly the same size but comes with double the number of LAN ports which is superb.


Ø Awful placement for 3.0, that is USB making it challenging to use

Ø Settings with external hard drive doesn’t result

2.Netgear NightHawk 7000

Netgear is a company known for delivering a number of the top communication products like modems and routers to the market. Due to consistently delivering quality they would be the market leaders.

Weighing a bit more than others at 3.5 kg this product supports many additional features not normally seen in similar devices.

The performance at the 5.5 Ghz range is fairly good.
You can stream music with this. The item comes with OpenVPN support making downloading applications a breeze.

You can even run third party Linux software on these devices.

It comes with?

Along with that there are five LAN and 1 WAN ports with every one of the bells plus whistles like Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. USB 3.0 provides faster data transfer.

Other features of note is the fact that the device is dual band with support for all existing wifi clients and protocols. dual-band router that supports all present Wifi customers available on the market, regardless of their Wifi standard.

Ø Reasonably few other devices can conquer on it. The operation will blow off your mind.
Ø The design and form factor is nice to the eye and touch.

Ø While the 5Gz functionality is over the most notable, precisely the same cannot be said about the 2.4 Ghz performance compared to others.
Ø It’s a bit bulky.
Ø It can’t be mounted on a wall.

3.D-LINK DIR 890L Wireless Router

D-LINK as a company is famous to all as a company creating the highest quality electronic products.

DIR 890L doesn’t come short of the glory that the producer’s other electronic products share.
One of the prominent physical features that sets the DIR 890 L is the layout. It resembles an alien spaceship draped in red.

It supports six antennas and can take on with ease the most heavy gaming set ups.
The carefully thought of design also carries over to the quality of the product.

It’s full of all the features which you could possibly look out for in a great wireless router together with the truly amazing ergonomics.

It supports both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bandwidths. Although, the merchandise is quite big, and occupies space that is great 4 LAN ports are only supported by it.
Configuration and Installation

The Setup wizard guides you through the setup process and it’s a wind. Different connection types are available, namely — DHCP, Static, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, DS Lite etc. You can also configure IPv6 DNS server settings. After that you can configure the settings that are different and place your passwords.

On the UX side, when you login to the web portal it’s very easy to navigate the right path around. Like the router’s IP address and connection speeds and status you can see basic info.


Ø Great ergonomics. Incredibly fast and stable connections.
Ø Easy to set everything up with the Setup wizard

Ø The router is huge and bulky
Ø Only 4 LAN interfaces

4. Amped Wireless RTA Antenna

The Amped Wireless RTA router is one particular product that’s not quite hard on the pocket but offers an excellent networking and connectivity experience.

It needs to be stated that the product is robust though it doesn’t offer a few of the characteristics discovered in the more costly counterparts we already discussed.

It includes basic features and connectivity that is great having an intuitive easy to understand interface that makes using it a breeze.

Among the remarkable options that come with the Amped Wireless RTA Antenna is that it’s rather compact.

It supports 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bandwidths and the Led lights flash to show the statuses like connection to USB, internet connectivity and so on.
It comes with a software called Athena which is remarkably customizable.

Ø Robust.
Ø Streamlined but yet really strong.
Ø Easy to configure

Ø Some features easily seen in others.

5. Asus RT-AC3200 – Tri-Band Wireless Gigabit Router

We now have already seen one Asus product before.
It’s needless to say that Asus offers a few of the best value electronic products in the marketplace now. Let’s see exactly what the RT AC3200 has to offer.
ASUS RT AC3200 is an expensive one as it's with triband routers. That being said, the merchandise has a bunch of amazing features that justify the pricing.
The plan is amazing and also the merchandise has a form factor that’s really smooth to touch.
Nevertheless, with only 4 LAN ports it isn’t for somebody who includes a lot of devices to attach to.


Ø 6 antennas, hardware that is incredibly strong and 5 LAN ports.
Ø Comes with OpenVPN.


Ø Can be utilized as NAS server but gives mediocre functionality like its forerunners.
Ø The router is bulky and big.

The List of the best 5 wireless routers to meet with your web cravings. Many of these can link with numerous devices without a hitch, some others are very lightweight. While others appear to be alien Spacecrafts. 


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