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Mobile Scanner Apps are coping to the Standards of the Desktop Scanner

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In the digital generation, we have mobile apps for everything that makes life easier and saves a lot of time. There are different types of apps like the entertainment apps, productivity apps, utility apps, news apps and etc; they also benefit the companies and businesses in many ways. One such beneficial app that is required for both the professional and personal life is the scanner app. Using these apps will lead to paperless future.

One of the greatest inventions is the scanner that benefits the business because it connects the physical and digital world together, but the only drawback is that it is not portable. This problem is solved with the help of the scanner apps and normal camera phone.

Scanning apps

The users can scan the business cards, documents and receipts and more using the scanner apps. These apps transform the tablet and mobile devices into a document scanner. Many users worry whether the mobile scanning app can have the same capacity and quality of the scanner; however, the scanner apps are indeed similar to the scanner.  These allow the users to change the document to PDF and other file format, capture the whiteboard notes and the receipts and convert them into necessary files.
Scan without a scanner
There are several mobile scanning apps available in the app store and the user must download the app from the official app distributor platform to avoid malicious attacks.

Genius Scan

The simple camera phone can be used as an efficient scanner by downloading the scanner app. The Genius Scan is one of the mobile apps available on the app store that has cool features like a high end enhancement quality feature for scanning the documents and business cards, perspective correction and smart page detection. This app supports various kinds of page layouts from business cards, legal documents, letters and layouts like A3, A4 and A5.
The apps available for free in the Play store and the users can do scan multiple documents at the same time and it supports the JPG and PDF scans and the user can restore the scanned data and even have a backup of the document for future reference. This scan app has many cloud services like the OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and other services and is an ad free app. The app has a cool user interface with a custom sign and is compatible to the Windows, iOS and Android phones.


This is the best mobile app available in the app store that is compatible for the Windows and iOS phones and the Android versions from 2.3 to higher. This app also supports many cloud services like the Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive and the app has can sync with different platforms because of its compatibility. The users can use this scanner app to scan ID cards, business cards, notes from the whiteboards, receipts, documents, contact, paperwork and more.
The unique search feature allows the users to search for the receipts and the invoices that were scanned in the past and the app has the ability to extract text from the images, annotate them and collaborate it with the others. The app is also free and the full version of the mobile app has no watermarks or ads and has good quality scans and edits the OCR results.


The app is available for free and has high quality scanning functionalities built in the mobile app. The app has a widget that users can keep on their home screen and readily use it to scan the business cards or documents into Evernote. The widget’s function is to document the camera and include the default notes and also record the audio notes for the voice memos and using drawing notes to capture the visual images, the users can customize the widget according to their desire.
The user must download and install the app in their mobile phone and sign in to the app by registering into a new account. On the bottom right corner of the screen, the user can see a plus symbol; the user must click on the plus symbol to add a new note from the list that appears above the plus symbol. The scanned image appears at the right corner of the screen. If there is and defect like glare or low light, the app indicates a warning note to the user, so that they can get a good scanned image of the document or any other receipts.


This scanning app allows the users to scan the receipts or documents in a premium quality that is the aspect found on the desktop scanner. The app is available for free and is compatible for the iOs and Android version 4.0.3 and higher versions. The pro version of the scanner app brings smart names that can save the documents in various names, so the user finds it easy to identify the document in the future.
The scanner app has cool features that will help the images to be stored in the cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote and Google Drive. Using this app, the user can scan any kind of notes, tickets, receipts, documents, business cards and others; they can also sign or annotate an image once it is scanned.

Tiny Scanner

When all the apps focus on the mobile devices, the Tiny scanner supports the tablet devices and the users can name the files with different names and organize the files under specific folders. This app is built with the tablet and mobile pre loader mode, so the users can scan the documents, business cards and receipts in either of the devices. The user can scan the document in black and white, color or grayscale and share the scanned copy via Wi-Fi Direct or send it to the cloud server or email the image.
The users can also scan their confidential documents and store them in their mobile device and lock the document with a password and it supports different page format like business cards, layouts A3, A4 and A5, letters and legal papers. The app has a search bar that enables the user to search for a document easily without wasting much time. The app is available for free and the paid version of the mobile app is free from ads and limitations.


Even though these apps have common features, this app has one feature that differentiates it from the others. That is the feature in the app called the surescan3x takes three images of the document for standard and higher quality results.
The app is compatible for the iOs and Android phones from version 4.0 to higher. The user can automatically scan the documents and store them in the mails. The free version of the scanning app is available only for five documents, but the paid versions support more quality pages.


The scanner applications are more useful for the small business owners because they have to keep moving from different locations. So these apps help them to scan official documents or receipts that can be required at any time. The users can scan the contact list and store it in the cloud server and use it when needed.
Though there are many scanner mobile apps available in the app store, the user must go for the trial versions of the app before they get the paid version of the app. When meeting with the clients, the business owners can have the scanned documents handy, they can also scan the handwritten notes and scan the pictures to add to the presentations.


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