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5 common tools everyone in the 3d industry should be using

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3d technology stands for 3-dimensional technology. It offers a wide range of uses in coming days as well as in today’s world. Now a day we can feel its rank as it is used in TVs, laptops, glasses etc. Regular movies that we watch are in 2 dimensions. 
Now you will wonder what dimensions are. So, let me just elucidate that those are nothing but properties of space. If something is 2 Dimensional it means it has 2 properties to depend upon say length and width. But any 3-dimensional object like a cube, cuboid have depth/height too.

 Like all other industries 3d industry is also gaining heights due to demand of an era. 3d designers and industries are trying their best to give desirable products and some new improvements. 3d doodler is one of the first company to release a 3d pen. 3d industry has made its mark in every possible field like movies, engineering industries, interior designing etc.  Have you ever wondered how 3d objects are created?  What kinds of tools are used by 3d industry? 
What software they use?
If you want to know about these tools then here is the list of 5 common tools everyone in the 3d industry should be using.

5 common tools everyone in the 3d industry should be using


SolidWorks is the most used software in engineering industries to design 3d models of relevant products. This is a solid modelling computer aided design software that runs on Microsoft Windows. Statistically, it is currently used by 2 million engineers. Currently, it is in its 25th version that is Solidworks 2017. Users are using in a wide range because it is very easy to use. If you know the dimensions of a product, then all you must do is just draw the outline and extrude it. You can also simply draw it on a plane and then resolve it by 360 degrees to get a complete solid design. The functions like a hole, drill, chamfer, the fillet can be easily done on the product as it is self-explanatory.

2 SketchUp

This was formerly known as Google SketchUp. Earlier it was in use for architectural purposes but now it is been used for drawing applications too. Its free version is known as SketchUp Make and Paid Version is SketchUp Pro. Currently, it is used by Civil and Mechanical engineers, Interior Designers and also by Video game Makers. SketchUp is widely used by urban planners to make their project's on paper design. Many planning students survive on this software literally. Because it is really easy and can be used in a better way.

3. Blender 

Blender is professional software. It is free and open source 3D computer graphics software that is used for animated films, 3D printing models, visual effects and video game making. Its latest version is released in Feb, 2017 with some pencil improvements in 2D drafting and free hand curves drawing. Blender ID is the way to login into Blender software. You processor need to have at least 32-bit dual core 2 GHz CPU with SSE2 support in order to get this software install. All the files that are saved in blender are in .blend format. Many 3D models on NASA's 3D resources page are in a native .blend format. Also the big project of Blender is “Spider Man2” Movie.

4. Autodesk Maya 

 This is commonly shortened as MAYA software. It is 3D software and it runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. It is used for creating interactive 3D applications, including TV series, video games, animated film, or visual effects. Let me mention that, the movie Dinosaur is made by using this software. Soon after that, Disney requested for the user interface so that and this was the turning point for the software and it is popular by then. Other than Dinosaur, it is used in making of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Silent Hill, Transformer and much more. Students and teachers can download its full educational version from Autodesk Educational Society. If not for the educational purpose, you have to get a 36-month license from the community.

5.Fusion 360 

Fusion 360 is gaining it’s popularity because it’s completely free for students, hobbyists and start-ups is very user friendly and highly efficient with professional qualities of CAD. You need to create an Autodesk account to use this software. Over last two years it has raised it’s bars and now is very popular amongst users.You can connect your entire product development in a single cloud based platform with tools for 3D CAM , CAD and CAE.It is available for Mac and PC.
So, these are the 5 common tools that are used in 3d industries. There are much more to the lists but you are master in these 5 then it’s very easy to learn any new software of this kind.


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