Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Which file sharing app for Android should I use ? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Do you still use Bluetooth to share files from one Android device to another? If yes, then you are certainly missing something very cool. What I mean from very cool is a faster way of sharing or transferring files wirelessly.
Well, I am talking about those file sharing apps which transfer different forms of data over a wifi network and with a very fast speed of transfer.
On comparing the speed of one such file sharing app with Bluetooth, it was found that these apps are 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Now since you have a basic idea of what file sharing apps are, you would be wondering which app should you use. Or you would be thinking about the best file sharing app for Android

To answer your queries, I have made an infographic which lists the best file sharing apps for Android
You should also check Shareit exe

Best file sharing apps for Android

That was it for this article. We saw that there are five best file sharing apps which are worth using. Now you can try these apps and find out the one which is most suitable for you. I would always recommend Shareit only. However, others like Zapya and Xender are also good. So make your choice wisely. Meanwhile you should also check out jiofi.local.html for logging into your Jiofi Devices


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