Friday, 6 October 2017

Top Most active Torrent sites of 2017 [Updated]

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A lot of Torrent sites every year are being shut down and of course some new ones are also created. There is a big list of such sites but not all of them are that good. So today I am going to tell you about some best Torrent sites. But if we talk about best of all then no doubt it is The Pirate Bay.


All Torrent sites promise to give good facility but not all can fulfill the criteria. There are only a few of them that provide all the updates of movies and games. From the list below there may be some sites that are ban in your country but not in other parts so just check for that.


On you will get high quality torrentz and that also with a lot of torrents available. You can have your account on this site and there is a membership fee that you have to purchase. The worst thing is that there are a lot of adult pop ups that are too irritating.



2.  Torlock

If you have ability to identify fake torrents then Torlock can prove to be the best one for you. This is because Torlock will pay you if you report the fake torrents. By doing this you would be favoring a lot to this. This is basically for the people who regularly download the fake torrents file because they easily can find the fake files.


3. is a third party service developed in Czech Republic and is different from other torrent sites. First of all it takes your request for the torrent that you want to download and then it privately downloads the file and sends you the link for the downloaded torrent. You have to pay a subscription fee that is paid every month but guys it is worth giving. It allows speed of 100 MB and after subscription the speed is increased.



Due to its best quality is one of the best sites for downloading torrentz but its disadvantage is that you may not find bulk torrents that other torrent downloading sites offer. This site is best for you if you want quality rather than the quantity.


5. also offers the mobile app that gives access to the people who do not have a pc to download the torrents from this site. This site is similar to KAT. So guys if you are a fan of KAT torrent site then this site is best for you. The site is improving the quality and performance.


6.  Torrent funk

This is also one of the best site to download torrent files. This is always good site because it gives you recommendation and its best feature is that it allows tagging people and also you can comment.



There are many torrent sites that provides you limited files but offers you more than 18 million files and that is quite impressive. Many people finds it difficult to find a torrent that have all the sources in it. So is the perfect option to find music and movies easily.


So, guys, these are some of the best torrent sites that help you to download the torrent files easily. So enjoy the content and have the best downloading experience.


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