15 Hilarious Rules Cats Set Down in Their Households

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As all cat lovers know, the cats run the house! Once we bring a cat into our homes, it’s no longer ours. We don’t make the rules…we just obey them.

In the reddit community, there are examples of hilarious rules that house cats have set in some homes! What rules do cats set in your home?

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1. “The day begins at 4am.”

“Quickly determine which guest hates cats the most. Sit on that lap. Bonus points if said guest is allergic.”

2. “Leave the door open, you dont need privacy in toilet.”

3.  “You can touch but don’t touch.” “I want food right now but I will eat later.”

5. “No placing of hands or feet outside of blankets.”

6.  “Once your alarm goes off, it’s cuddle time. Oh, you want to go back to sleep? Then you’ll have to do so with 11 lbs of Bogart on your chest.”

7. “If they meow in the middle of the night, I must respond immediately (or else be hit in the face with their sharp claws).”

“Any accessible bread products will be destroyed (not eaten, just shredded).” “They must sit as close to my face as possible, preferably on my face. My inability to breathe is my problem.”

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