Cats Who Absolutely Had No Idea You’d Be Home So Early

You think your cat sleeps and plays with that stupid yarn ball when you’re not around? Well, think again. Cats are evil, and they are always up to something bad. Still don’t believe us? Scroll down to see these villains caught on camera.

#1 “What? We’re just playing. No, what do you mean he’s suffocating?”

#2 “Why didn’t you knock?”

#3 “Where did you buy these?”

#4 “Nope. I did not delete your project!”

#5 “What’s that look? You perv.”

#6 “Erm… I can explain.”

#7 “I’m just here to relax. It’s not like I pee here.”

#8 “I swear I wasn’t watching that thing.”

#9 “Oh sh*t. Home early!”

#10 “Oh. Yeah. That’s my girlfriend. Say hi to mom, baby.”


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