Kittens Line Up Side-By-Side, Dance In Perfect Sync The Moment “Uptown Funk” Comes On

We’ve all seen videos and read stories about well-trained dogs who feel absolutely duty-bound to stay when they’ve been told to stay. And while it’s less common, cats can, in fact, be trained to not only stay but to perform any number of other tricks.

How this person trained not only one kitten, but seven, to stay – especially with an aerial toy buzzing to and fro – is a mystery. And while the clip below may be short, it’s probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day!

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In it, the tabbies are lined up side by side, showing an incredible amount of impulse control as they watch an electronic gizmo flying through the air to the tune of Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk.” But do they just sit there and stare or make those little chattering sounds? Of course not – they’re just as much a slave to the vibe as the rest of us.

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Every movement is synchronized, with their heads bobbing up and down and whipping back and forth (how do they not get whiplash?), but never once do they take a step off their perch.

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Watch this adorable clip below, and share to spread a smile today!

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