Meet Bone Bone, The Enormous Fluffy Cat From Thailand That Everyone Asks To Take A Picture With

Ever seen a cat so fluffy it looks unreal? Meet Bone Bone from Thailand. His fur is too fluffy to be real! With that appearance, it’s no surprise that this cutie is so famous in Thailand. His Instagram reached a whooping 194k followers. It’s not too late to join the fun, guys! Follow him for a bit of extra cuteness in your feed.

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Bone Bone enjoys doing adventurous things, like playing at the park and climbing tree, while wearing his tiny yellow spiky backpack. In general, he is a happy, friendly, and photogenic cat. However, we don’t know if this stardom will affect in what way. Maybe he enjoys being playful around his owner without all the social media fuss? Either way, the adorable fluff ball is a star wherever he goes, with people asking to take photos of him constantly! Check out some of his shots below.

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