This mother cat is not about to leave her kittens behind. Watch how she protects them fiercely

The love of a mother towards her children cannot be quantified and it is the same for all species, mothers usually have protective instincts towards their children and never want anything bad to happen to them. This was this case in this situation; the mama cat couldn’t bear to leave her kittens behind.

Hope for Paws got a call about a cat that had just given birth and was staying under a truck with her newly born kittens and they decided to get the mom and her kittens to safety and out of the dirty environment but she (the mother) proved very difficult to capture as she did not get into the trap door deep enough to trigger the trap door. It was then decided that her children would be taken out first and then used to lure her out, but when the first kitten was taken, the mama cat returned, grabbed the kitten and took it back with her, talk about the fierce nature of a mother’s love!

Eventually, all the kittens (with exception to the one she took) were successfully retrieved from the crawlspace under the truck and put into cages to lure the mother out. Sure enough, twenty minutes after, she hears the cry of her babies and goes in the cage to rescue them. Now, six weeks later, most of the kittens have found homes to stay in and are happy and healthy. The mother cat, Beauty is presently in a feral colony and is doing very well.

Is there anything more powerful than a mother’s love?

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This story is incredible!

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