This Munchkin Kitten Sleeps Like a Human And It’s The Most Adorable Thing Ever

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It’s no secret that cats pretty much own the internet, they have infiltrated our ranks and are now using social media and the various tools we built to make us even more obsessed with them. They know our weaknesses and they are using them against us.

We will never be able to stop them because they work day and night and even when they’re sleeping, they still can use their cuteness against us and make us fall even more in love.

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Cats have various sleeping positions and every single one of them is just the cutest thing ever, they never run out of cute sleeping positions, which is truly terrifying.

This calico munchkin cat named Chata loves laying flat on his back with his legs straight, just like a human!

via: IG@chavata2023

Oh My God. I cannot handle how cute this is!!!

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Chata is from Japan and is only two-and-a-half months old, but despite his young age he’s already a viral sensation thanks to his adorable sleeping positions

You can tell he’s having some pretty sweet dreams from the satisfied smile on his face

Finally awake!


Chata has an older sister named Chava, who is currently nine months old, they have both amassed over 42k Instagram followers!

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Cuteness Overload !

This kitty has just blessed your day, you’re welcome!

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